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Personal Trainer

I am a Personal Trainer and I have high expectations when receiving a massage which Cathy met with ease.  She is so in tune with my body and takes great care of it. I always leave feeling like a new person. I've seen many massage therapists over the years and Cathy is tops.
Human Resources Director

Regular massage with Cathy helps to melt my stress away. She provides a safe sanctuary to relax, unwind and escape while working her magic on my tired, tight muscles. I feel like a new woman every time I leave.
Pickleball player and entrepeneur

Cathy is Magic! The experience is so relaxing and healing. She has helped my (pickleball) game improve due to my increased mobility.
Wildlife Rehabilitator
Healing Touch Practitioner

Massage has been part of my long-term self-care. Cathy's work goes beyond the relaxed, feel-good of a massage. It is healing work.
Accountant, retired

Massage therapy has really improved the quality of my life. It has eased the aches and pains that I've experienced over the years because of having a desk job. Cathy's massages have greatly improved my posture because the muscles attached to my spine have loosened.
Joe, Maintenance Technician
Tina, Supervisor

Joe: I have found massage helps keep my muscles and overall body more flexible and keeps me moving. I feel rejuvenated after a session with Cathy.
Tina: Finding the right massage therapist is like finding the right hairstylist. You have to feel comfortable and know they are so in tune to your body and feelings that they know how to make you feel better. Cathy has all of that.