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Relaxation for the body using gentle massage to manipulate the body's soft tissue. This can include various degrees of pressure.

60-minutes          $65
90-minutes          $90

Nurture Yoursef

Developed to support and respect the physiological systems working overtime to grow the unborn baby. Feather-light lymphatic techniques are used on the body per protocol. Side-lying positioning from 3-9 months. Contraindications apply.

60-minutes          $75
90-minutes          $100


Good for tension and strained muscles in the neck, back and shoulders. Special care is taken to soften cervical muscles, bringing more fluidity for better range of motion. Often delicate stretching is incorporated to release cervical adhesions.

30-minutes        $50
60-minutes        $65

Back to Wellness
(neck and back)

A small bamboo stick is gently rolled around the feet, between the toes, along the soles and around the sides of the feet with light pressure. This technique opens the meridian channels that coordinate with the interior body to bring you back to a balanced state of being.

30-minutes         $50
(As an add-on to massage $35)


A realignment of balancing the body's 7 chakras and clearing "trapped" energies followed by a full-body massage using gentle strokes of pressure.

90-minutes          $115

Nurture Yoursef
With Energy
(full-body plus)

A Swedish massage on the covered patio in a private yard among lush flower gardens. Listen to the birds sing and let the gentle breezes take you into a realm of calm. (Robes and sandals are provided.) Weather permitting.

60-minutes         $65