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Cathy L. Berk, CMT
I am so happy you're here. 

Being board certified as a massage therapist in the State of Indiana, I am thrilled to bring the world of massage to you. 

 Soft tissue work provides your muscles the opportunity to have more fluidity offering you movement without discomfort.

Massage doesn't have to hurt. You are always in control of the amount of pressure applied for your comfort. Various techniques can release knotted tissue without creating pain.

I have had great success treating clients that have limited cervical range of motion, low-back and sciatica discomfort, quadricep tightening and more.

When combining certain energy techniques to release congested energy with massage, the results can be astounding for the mind and body.

Even when your body feels in balance, a relaxation massage can clear your mind allowing you better focus.

I invite you to come Alive Again. My table is waiting for you to be the best version of YOU.
"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."