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Covered Patio Massage to Return

   As the weather warms and gentle breezes caress the skin, the excitement of outdoor massage fills my being.
    Getting closer to nature, hearing the chirping of the birds, being among the plants and flowers and hearing the light rustling of the leaves brings a special energy to you and your massage. 
     While the neighbors might be close by, the 6-foot privacy fence lets you feel like you are the only one around. Soft relaxing music keeps the mood light. The aroma of lavender incense entices the senses and brings you to a higher state of relaxation. The covered patio provides enough shade to keep the sun at bay.
     Your privacy continues to be of highest priority. Change into a summer robe and sandals (provided) and enter the patio. You will be covered by a sheet throughout your massage. The same massage to work the muscles, a different setting.
 (Disclaimer: Out-door massages are weather dependent.)

How Can Alive Again Help Me?
Through listening to you, assessing your posture and musculoskeletal condition we can create a treatment plan that incorporates massage techniques to help you achieve your optimum well-being. This might include doing range of motion work around limited joint movement, it might include loosening up tightened muscles allowing them to have more fluidity for ease of movement, or it might include releasing built up "knots" in certain muscle tissues. We can also assess your body's natural energy pattern to determined "clogged" energy fields and then release the blockages so that your body can return to it's optimal self-healing nature.
"Today, and everyday, I give that which I want to receive."
- Deepak Chopra