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Alive Again
"For You, About You"
massage therapy
Nurture Yourself (full-body)
Relaxation for the body using gentle massage to manipulate the body's soft tissue.      
60-minutes        $65
90-minutes        $90
Prenatal Massage
Developed to support and respect the physiological systems working overtime to grow the unborn baby.
60-minutes        $75
Exfoliation Service
Good for eliminating dry, flaky skin and impurities.
Back                  $55
Feet                  $45     
Back to Wellness (neck and back only)            
Good for tension and strained muscles in neck and back.
30-minutes       $50
Kansa Wand Facial Massage
The Kansa Wand is gently moved about the face using long and circular strokes easing away tension around the eyes and reducing acidity in the tissue.
20-minutes       $40
(Add-on to 60-minute massage for only $30.)
A Swedish massage on the covered patio in a private backyard among lush flower gardens. 
60-minutes        $70
(Robes and sandals provided for massage.)
Mindfulness (Mind Clearing)
A gentle energy technique for relaxation and focusing the mind.
30-minutes        $45
Thai Reflexology
A bamboo stick is gently rolled around the feet, between the toes, along the soles and around the sides of the feet with light pressure returning your body to a balanced state of being.
25-minutes         $45
(As an add-on to massage $30.)
Nurture Yourself with Energy (full-body plus)  
Massage that brings more fluidity to muscles and re-balancing of your body's natural energies.
90-minutes        $110
Blended Bliss
The addition of specific essential oils* to our Jojoba-based massage lotion allows your body's vibrational energy to change for a higher state of well-being and lasting up to five days post-massage. Ending your massage (an extra 10-minutes) with an alignment of warm stones along your spine, further helps penetrate these oils deeper into your body.
Essential oil                       $10      (add-on only)
Hot stone alignment          $25  (add-on only)

* Blends offered are:
Inner Peace-recommended for those feeling anxious, depressed or overwhelmed.
Energy-recommended for those feeling tired and lacking "get up and go."
Positive Attitude-recommended for those wanting to be motivated and inspired.
Mother Earth-recommended for those wanting to feel balanced and centered.
Pain Ease-recommended for easing discomfort from arthritis and stiff joints.
Alive Again-recommended to wake up all of the body's systems and help achieve a deeper feeling of self. This signature blend was created just for this practice!
Essential oils and hot stones
"Today, and everyday, I give that which I want to receive."
-Deepak Chopra