Bridging massage with energy techniques to help you feel Alive Again physically, mentally, emotionally.


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At Alive Again Massage Therapy you are offered a private setting to relax, revive and rejuvenate your body and mind. Listen to soft, gentle music while enjoying the comfort of a heated table surrounded by low-dimmed lighting. Breathe in the scent of essential oils to open your chakras as your body prepares for the soft tissue work.

Each massage given is as special as the one being received. No two people are the same, neither is each massage.

We want to know about you and the current status of your health, what might have affected your healthy state in the past and how your muscles are feeling. Your massage is designed to address your specific issues.​

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About Me
Cathy L. Berk, CMT/Healing Touch Provider

I love   being a massage therapist! I have helped several hundred clients find a life with less pain and more energy. For nearly 10 years I have let my fingers do the walking across thousands of miles of muscle tissue, releasing knots along the way, allowing my clients to continue on a journey to health. 

I am a graduate with President's Honors from Everest College Massage Therapy where I also served as an ambassador of the program. I have been studying and practicing energy work for more than 15 years.
My mission is simply this: Focused 'you time.' It is my privilege to honor your time of self-awareness and self-care. 

My philosophy is simple: To treat you as I want to be treated as a person and professional, with excellent customer service.

Alive Again Massage Therapy provides you with a foundation for better health and wellness, a time to be still, a time to be selfish, a time to honor your being and a time to just be.

I take care to ensure you have a great massage experience that is personalized for your unique health needs.
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